Thursday 25 April 2019


In the last few days Labour MPs have spent more time fawning over the miserable Swedish child than they have attacking President Trump.  That fact alone says a lot.  The manufactured phenomenon of Greta Thunberg has been exploited to the max by Jeremy Corbyn and his party.  They even used her as a means to attack Theresa May, pointing out that the PM had the audacity to shun the eco-brat.  May was given the symbolic 'empty chair' treatment by those present.

Ed Miliband was in awe of the eco-brat

Simultaneous to the Parliamentary love-in came support for the 'Extinction Rebellion' protesters outside.  Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth addressed the demonstrators and soon his colleagues were tweeting their support too.  But why the spontaneous interest in all things 'climate change'?  Labour is not known for its love of the environment, but it has seized an opportunity to exploit something in order to further its own interests.  As per usual, this is about power.

It's no coincidence that the European Elections are now just four weeks away.  At one point last week the polls had Labour lined up for victory, but then the Brexit Party launched.  It was a nasty surprise to find themselves suddenly trailing to a brand new party.  Labour is under no illusions - defeat to Nigel Farage next month would steal their thunder.  It is not enough to simply beat the Tories into oblivion, because the headlines would be all about Farage and a potentially mortal blow to Britain's EU membership.

Labour is doing all it can to smear Change UK and hold on to disaffected Remain voters, but it will clearly need fresh votes if it is to overcome the Brexit Party challenge.  They won't come from Leave-supporting parties and they won't come from the Tories.  That leaves other Remain parties, the most important of which is the Green Party.

The Greens were the fourth party in the last European Elections, taking over a million votes and three seats.  In that contest Labour were 350,000 votes behind the top dogs UKIP.  Imagine if they had banged on about the environment for weeks solid prior to that election they could have potentially harvested some vital extra votes courtesy of the Greens.  It makes perfect sense now.

It was no coincidence to find our miserable little Swede flanked by Caroline Lucas of the Greens and Jeremy Corbyn of Labour.  The contest is on, and Green votes are being hotly pursued!

Sandwiched by Caroline Lucas of the Greens and a lecherous looking Corbyn