Wednesday 3 April 2019


Labour MP Paul Sweeney raised the Corbyn target practice incident in the Commons today, but strangely there was no mention of why the Paras would use Corbyn's image, from either Sweeney or Bercow...

While the member for Glasgow North-East is relatively young as MPs go (he's 30), he should be fully aware of why the Paras did this.  Why?  Because Paul Sweeney is himself a former squaddie, having served with both the Royal Signals Corps and later the Royal Regiment of Scotland.  Doubt very much his former colleagues will appreciate his condemnation of the Paras.

Labour MP Paul Sweeney back in the day

Worse still, the Paras have been condemned by one of their own.  Dan 'Two Jobs' Jarvis is an ex-Para with an exemplary military service, having served in Northern Ireland, Serbia, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan, rising through the ranks to Major...

So far Clive Lewis, the other former serving soldier on Labour's benches, has made no comment.  Wise.