Thursday 4 April 2019


Today is the first real test of how the Brexit betrayal could dictate an election.  In a few hours time we will have the result of the Newport West Parliamentary by-election to replace the deceased Labour MP Paul Flynn.  Labour are defending a 5,658 majority over the Conservatives, but all eyes will be on how UKIP perform.  Newport West returned a 54% Leave vote in 2016.

The eleven candidates in today's election are:

Labour - Ruth Jones
Conservative - Matthew Evans
UKIP - Neil Hamilton
Plaid Cymru - Jonathan Clark
Liberal Democrats - Ryan Jones
Green - Amelia Womack
Abolish The Welsh Assembly - Richard Suchorzewski
Democrats & Veterans - Philip Taylor
For Britain - Hugh Nicklin
Renew - June Davies
SDP - Ian McLean

The last two Parliamentary election results here were as follows:

2017 General Election

Paul Flynn (Lab) 22,723
Angela Jones-Evans (Con) 17,065
Stan Edwards (UKIP) 1,100
Morgan Bowler-Brown (PC) 1,077
Sarah Lockyer (LD) 976
Pippa Bartolotti (G) 497

2015 General Election

Paul Flynn (Lab) 16,633
Nick Webb (Con) 13,123
Gordon Norrie (UKIP) 6,134
Simon Coopey (PC) 1,604
Ed Townsend (LD) 1,581
Pippa Bartolotti (G) 1,272

We'll post tonight's result as soon as we get it.