Wednesday 17 April 2019


Jeremy Corbyn generally tweets about worldwide disasters when they happen.  He tweets about Muslim festivals, Sikh festivals, Hindu festivals and, yes, even Christmas and Hanukkah!  He tweets about terror attacks (when the victims are Muslim) and 'incidents' when the victims are non-Muslim.  He has tweeted nothing about Notre Dame.

Since the tragedy Diane Abbott has tweeted about Windrush, Home Office immigration checks, immigration detention centres and demanded an apology from the Tories over Islamophobia.  Like Corbyn she had nothing to say about Notre Dame except for retweeting what a colleague had to say.  That's just lame.  They really don't give a shit when it is Western culture that suffers.

We were criticised by one follower for posting this on the Facebook page earlier.  "No need", "crap like this plays into the hands of the far left" he posted.  No, to ignore it plays into the hands of the far left.  They need to be called out on this.  If we don't expose them what is the point of all this, we may as well just give Corbyn and his 'incident' loving allies the keys to Number Ten right now.

The above tweet is by a left-wing journalist who writes for Rolling Stone and the Independent newspaper.  Ironically she labels herself a 'culture writer' on Twitter, yet revels in the destruction of one of the finest cathedrals in Europe.  As you can see her disgusting tweet has been 'liked' almost 3,000 times.  There's something seriously wrong here.  Imagine a journalist glorifying the Christchurch massacre?  They would be out of a job in minutes.