Saturday 13 April 2019


Alan Sugar makes no secret of his dislike for commie Corbyn.  So when our Jez tweeted about renationalising the railways Lord Sugar jumped in no holds barred...

Predictably this was like a red rag to a bull for the Corbynista keyboard warriors and they inundated Sugar with their leftist rants, mostly directed at his wealth.  The Great Leader's followers are so daft and short sighted they cannot even foresee the consequences of their actions if - God forbid - Corbyn ever formed a government.  If you treat wealth with nothing but spite and vitriol and threaten to take it away then said wealth will swiftly say farewell, leaving your socialist utopia a ruin.  Morons.

Most people would surely have ignored them, but Lord Sugar embarked on an epic trolling session, turning the table by trolling the trolls.  He retweeted and humiliated them - knowing full well that he is reaching an audience of millions (he has 5.3million followers) - to which their replies would fall on deaf ears.

A staffer for Labour MP Laura Pidcock was among the trolls, referring to Lord Sugar as not "the brightest of sparks".  Really?  Wonder how much @MrBenSellers is worth?  Yes, clearly Sugar is grammatically challenged (as you'll see), but you can't argue with his net worth Benjamin.

Here are some of the highlights of Lord Sugar's de-trolling (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE)