Friday 5 April 2019


Once again we have fallen foul of the Facebook censors and once again they have failed to tell us which of their "community standards" we supposedly breached.  There is a 72-hour ban now in place, if we can't get around it you can still contact us via the back-up page for the rest of the weekend.

It's usually the mere mention of 'Muslim grooming gangs' that gets us into trouble, but this time it's a simple Parachute Regiment meme.  Perhaps it's no coincidence that the Facebook censors aka moderators are based in Dublin...

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This meme was going great guns (pun intended) before some twat reported it.  One of our followers suggested we should get it made into a t-shirt and perhaps we will.  It would certainly turn this latest setback into a win!

Previous examples of Facebook fascism can be found here and here


We've requested a review of this case, but won't hold our breath.  They have kindly furnished us with the following message, but to claim that our meme violates one of these standards is beyond absurd, particularly given the vile stuff that goes up on Facebook every day.


The meme has been reinstated!  This is an absolute first and not only that, but they have apologised.  What a saga.