Wednesday 19 July 2023


A violent trans convict who shared a platform with three Labour MPs is back in prison this week after he told a crowd: "If you see a TERF, punch them in the f***ing face".  'Sarah Jane Baker' was addressing a 'trans pride' event in London earlier this month and made the remark whilst waving a communist Antifa flag.  He was arrested after the speech and later pleaded not guilty to a public order offence.

A TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) is an insult the left use to label genuine feminists ie. those who believe a woman can't have a penis.  

Three far left Labour MPs shared a platform with Baker during a trans rally in January.  Olivia Blake (Sheffield Hallam), Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Brighton Kempton) and Nadia Whittome (Nottingham East) addressed a trans rally outside Downing Street, during which the crowd chanted: "F*** Keir Starmer" and "Eat shit Keir Starmer".  A Labour spokesman later claimed that the MPs were not aware of who Baker was and had left the scene prior to the offensive chanting.  It certainly appeared at the time that Starmer's assertion that a woman can have a penis, fell on deaf ears.

Baker (circled) alongside Labour MPs Russell-Moyle, Blake (obscured by
loudspeaker) and Whittome

Baker was initially jailed in 1989 for the kidnap and torture of his father's stepson.  Baker, then known by his birth-name Alan, abducted the 19-year-old from his Surrey home as part of a family feud.  Alongside his brother and another man, Baker took the teenager at knifepoint to a squat where he was tortured for 12 hours.  The victim was beaten, slashed with a knife, burnt with cigarette butts and forced to perform oral sex on his captors.  He was then tied up and dumped in a cupboard.  Prosecutors said he would probably have died there had it not been for an occupant of the squat who found him unconscious.

Baker, who is now 53, went on to spend three decades inside after he was found guilty of the attempted murder of another inmate.  During his initial seven year sentence for the kidnap, Baker broke into a fellow inmate's cell and tried to strangle him.  It was during this extended stay that Baker renamed himself 'Sarah' and claims to have cut off his testicles.  He was released in 2019 and told the trans rally in January that he wanted to become an MP, after which he would invite his trans friends to 'smoke a spliff' and other drugs in Parliament.

Baker pictured last week waving an Antifa flag, as he encouraged a crowd to
'punch a TERF in the face'

MailOnline reports that Baker has now been returned to a male prison, despite identifying as a woman.  For the purposes of consistency we have referred to Baker as he/him throughout this article as he is a biological male.  What a Clown World we find ourselves in right now...

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