Tuesday 25 July 2023


In a rare admission of fake news, the BBC have issued a humiliating public apology to Nigel Farage.  Three weeks ago BBC News reported that Farage's bank account at Coutts had been closed because he 'fell below the wealth threshold required' to hold an account there.  The BBC story basically relayed a source at the bank itself, without any attempt to get at the truth or lend Farage's side of the story any validity at all.  Farage had suggested that he had been targeted because of his political beliefs and cited failed attempts to acquire banking facilities with several other banks as further proof that he was being singled out.

Thanks to his persistence and huge GB News platform, Farage later proved that Coutts decision was political and last week he received a public apology from NatWest, who own Coutts.  However, no apology was forthcoming from the BBC - despite presenter Ros Atkins having admitted on air that their story was 'not accurate'.  The original BBC headline was also subtly changed and the online story edited to account for its 'not being accurate'.

BBC headline, as it appeared before July 21

Amended BBC headline on July 21

Farage was not going to let either matter drop quietly from the headlines, both his treatment at the hands of the banks and the response of the mass media establishment.  Farage had been mocked by several so-called journalists in the days after he went public.  Kay Burley of Sky News used her Twitter account to pour scorn over Farage.  Ex-BBC reporter Jon Sopel referred to Farage as 'a bit of a Charlie'.

Wonder how Kay would feel if one day she is refused banking facilities or has her digital currency withheld for such a heinous crime as reporting the truth (for once) or, perhaps, a lockdown violation?

Jon was later forced into a humiliating apology after Farage did some mockery of his own...

Totally reprehensible indeed, but a sign of things to come if the globalists get their way and replace cash with programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies.  Will people like Jon stand up and be counted when his fellow countrymen and women are denied access to their digital handouts if they use it to buy meat or leave their 15 minute neighbourhoods?

Meanwhile, Farage kept up the pressure on the Beeb and on Monday he received a written apology from Deborah Furness, the head of BBC News.  The man behind the fake news story - the BBC's business editor Simon Jack - apologised by way of Twitter...

Farage was understandably very happy with the BBC apologies and made the most of it on Monday's edition of his GB News show.  His fight with NatWest/Coutts will continue and his monologue (see video below) shows that they have turned martyr into crusader.  Political discrimination by banks and other corporate entities, sponsored by very powerful globalist figures through their sinister ESG score, must be fought and exposed head on.  In Nigel Farage they have created a very public and vociferous opponent and we at BTLP lend him our most wholehearted support.

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