Thursday 6 July 2023


Keir Starmer was confronted by a pair of climate extremists as he gave a speech in Kent on Thursday morning.  The pair of youngsters were stood directly behind Starmer as he spoke about education, but waited patiently until the Labour leader was in full flow before unfurling their banner.  Starmer floundered and turned from side to side awkwardly as the pair demanded that he reinstate his pledge to commit £28billion per year in fighting what they call 'climate change'.

"Which side is the Labour party on?" the female asked.  "We're on the side of economic growth" Starmer replied, and then went on to plead with them to let him continue with his speech.  It was a full agonising minute before the protesters were removed.

Watch the full awkward exchange below.

Unlike recent headline-grabbing stunts, these were not Just Stop Oil fanatics.  They were from a group calling itself 'Green New Deal Rising', another bunch of useful idiots serving the establishment whether they are aware of it or not.  The term 'green new deal' has been around for a while and is a buzz word for net zero fanatics on the far left.  Needless to say, their Twitter profile is followed by several far left Labour MPs, including Dickie Burgon, Ian Lavery, Clive Lewis, Zarah Sultana and Nadia Whittome.  Jeremy Corbyn is also a follower.

One of the protesters - Sophia Cunningham, who looks like a cross between Deirdre Barlow and Ash Sarkar - later complained quite rightly that Starmer did not fulfill his on-stage promise to speak to them after his speech.  A quick u-turn indeed, even for Sir Squeaky.

The greatest irony here is that despite their perceived 'climate' injustices, PM Starmer will impose - or attempt to impost at least - a version of net zero that would probably curl their toes.  That is, unless they are already vegan, don't fly anywhere, never go on holiday, despise cash transactions, own nothing, hate their own liberty and crave state subjugation.  In that case they will lap up the tyranny that Starmer (and Sunak, given the chance) has in store for them.

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