Sunday 12 November 2023


Jeremy Corbyn was joined by John McDonnell for the controversial Armistice Day march in support of Palestine.  Both MPs were at the head of the march and both addressed crowds upon its conclusion outside the US Embassy - as did hard left comrades Richard Burgon and Zarah Sultana.  Diane Abbott was also present at the march, but did not speak as organisers thought a comedian was in poor taste.  Corbyn was also joined at the head of the march by his wife Laura, while son Tommy could be seen in the background.

Several poppies could be seen in the above photo shared by Corbyn, but none of them red.  A middle aged couple wore white poppies, meant to signify peace and a rejection of military action - ironically they were standing next to the IRA and Hamas sympathiser McDonnell.  An Asian man third to Corbyn's left wore a poppy emblazoned with the Palestinian flag, another slight to Britain's Armed Forces.

Predictably, the media ignored various acts of criminality during the latest hate march - instead choosing to cover the presence of groups of predominantly white lads who had gathered to 'protect the Cenotaph'.  These lads were labelled 'far right' while the PM referred to them as belonging to the 'English Defence League', an organisation that has been defunct for almost a decade.  Whoever they were, it was clear that the influence of EDL founder Tommy Robinson was instrumental in their presence.

The reinstatement of Robinson's Twitter account in the run-up to the controversial Palestine march can now be seen in its full context and the timing was surely no coincidence.  The media had been baiting the British public for days and as soon as Robinson addressed his new found platform of 380,000 followers, the trap was set.  Now, the 'far right' were in town and their scapegoat was assured.

While the two minute silence thankfully passed off peacefully, the lads soon got rowdy with police and arrests were swift.  The media made no reference to the detention of 150 Palestinian marchers, instead giving all their attention to the 'far right' who they claimed accounted for all arrests made on the day.  Sky News even falsely claimed that Laurence Fox of the Reclaim Party was part of the counter protest, despite, according to his colleague Calvin Robinson - being out of the country!

Tommy Robinson had conveniently provided the media with their narrative for the day.  Too conveniently, it seemed.

Outside of the media bubble, the stark reality was going viral on social media.  Videos showing the true intent of many Palestine marchers clocked up millions of views.  One video showed a man referring to the 'slaughter of Zionists', telling an interviewer: "Hitler knew how to deal with these people".  In another a woman screams: "Death to all the Jews".  Other videos showed violent incidents and young men goading police on Saturday evening while the police stood by and simply took the abuse, in stark contrast to their heavy-handed approach to Tommy's lads earlier in the day.

While the media calls for the head of Suella Braverman, most people watching Saturday's events through social media will now know beyond doubt that the Metropolitan Police do treat certain groups favourably - in this case the Palestine mob.  Suella was spot on.

The Met showed that Suella Braverman is right about their two-tier policing

With the game now up for the Met, they are deploying damage limitation by way of retrospectively appealing for information related to criminal acts during the Palestine march.  Among those being 'sought' for a slap on the wrist are three men who dressed up as Hamas terrorists (see photo below).  Others include an Asian woman who held a racist placard depicting Rishi Sunak and Suella Braverman as coconuts.  Another was widely identified on social media as a Labour activist from Hastings in East Sussex. albeit this was denied by the chair in a neighbouring Constituency Labour Party.  The chair added that the identity of the individual had been passed to the Met, suggesting that she was indeed known to the party.  The activist in question held a placard which incorporated a swastika into the Star of David.

Palestine protesters dressed as their Hamas heroes (left) and (right) a suspected
Labour activist holds a placard incorporating a swastika into the Star of David

These weekly protests will die off as winter approaches, but the numerous vile incidents that have arisen from them should not be forgotten so quickly.  The Palestine marches have shown many British people just how low our country has sunk into multi-cultural Hell.  How can we possibly save it when our governing parties are committed to furthering its existence?  And even if the two party protection racket is somehow dismantled, is it already too late to pull our nation back from the brink of chaos?

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