Saturday 11 November 2023


At 83 and still clinging to the Westminster gravy train, Huddersfield's Barry Sheerman appears to be losing the plot.  On Thursday evening a bizarre tweet appeared from his Twitter account, a photograph of a meme that was on a laptop screen.  The meme in question has become very popular in Wales thanks to recent events, but it seems that old Bazza hadn't seen it before and was clearly quite taken by it (see below).

The problem for Barry is that the meme is used by opponents of Mark Drakeford's absurd 20mph decree - a Labour policy.  It's not clear if Sheerman was aware that Labour govern Wales or whether he is just past caring with his time on the gravy train (finally) drawing to a close at the next election.  Either way, he deleted the tweet a few minutes later - but not before a screen grab by BTLP.

What a clown?

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