Sunday 10 March 2024


Following the despicable co-ordinated assault on free speech social network Parler in 2021, alternative platforms rose to prominence.  Our attention was drawn to Gab, quite possibly the most liberal site with regards to free speech.  The site was also easy to navigate, with a simple layout and a total lack of censorship.  Three years on and almost two thousand posts later, we have not experienced a single 'fact check' or a warning for our 'Gabs'.  Richey has gabbed off almost daily, despite amassing our smallest social media following on any site - we maxed out at 147 for the best part of 18 months, having tired of trying to persuade Facebook followers to join the network.

Last week Karl found that he could not attach one of his memes to a post and it soon became clear that Gab had decided to go down the subscription route.  This meant that we would have to pay ten dollars per month in order to post memes and videos to the site.  With 146 followers at that point, we quickly decided that our time with Gab should come to an end.  With thousands of articles and millions of hits, our priority has to be this website, for which we have to pay a fee each year and which we mostly pay out of our own pockets.

Our Gab profile page will remain online and you can view it here any time.  As we say farewell to Gab, we can now donate more time to another free speech platform - GETTR.

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