Friday 31 May 2024


Following the latest Israeli atrocity in Gaza and looking to retain Muslim votes, many Labour MPs are finally getting around to condemning Israel's war crimes.  On Twitter, sorry 'X', three MPs posted identical tweets, while a fourth tweaked the same tweet.  All four tagged Keir Starmer and delivered the same message, led by backbencher Wayne David, who is retiring after 23 years as the MP for Caerphilly.  David posted his tweet at 12:14.

Nine minutes later, Angela Rayner's account posted the exact same message.  47 minutes after that, her frontbench colleague Lisa Nandy posted a very similar tweet tweet, having clearly just copied, pasted and edited a few details.  Some hours later a third frontbencher - Jo Stevens - posted the original unedited version.

We can't help but think of Rachel Reeves in this instance.  She has already earned a nickname before she completes a single day as Chancellor of the Exchequer.  She will be known as the 'copy and paste Chancellor', in reference to the rampant plagiarism found in her economics book published last year.

The scenes in Rafah are truly horrific and merit something more from an opposition front bench than a mere copy and paste job.

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