Thursday 30 May 2024


As confusion reigns as to whether or not Diane Abbott has been barred from reselection, her comrade Jeremy Corbyn has voiced unwavering support.  In an interview with the left-wing JOE website, Corbs said: "Whatever she does, I'll support her".

Corbyn has already confirmed he will stand as an independent in the Islington North constituency, going up against Labour candidate Praful Nargund, a local Labour councillor.  Corbyn has represented Islington North since 1983 and his majority as a Labour MP was 26,188 in 2019.  With decades of service on his side and plenty of hard left footsoldiers rallying to his campaign, we strongly suspect he will hold onto this seat on July 4.

If Labour does block Abbott from reselection in Hackney North and Newington, she may be tempted to follow Corbyn down the independent path.  But would she win?  She had a larger majority in 2019 at 33,188, but her pulling power as an independent would be significantly less.  No Labour candidate has yet been announced for her seat and Keir Starmer has stated that no decision has been made regarding her status.  If she went independent, she could very well siphon off resources from her parliamentary neighbour and former lover, but Corbyn appears to be steadfast in his loyalty regardless.  For now, anyway.

In the interview, Corbyn bemoans the treatment Abbott has received from the party and further imbues a victimhood status by declaring that over the years she has 'been more abused than any other Member of Parliament at any time'.  What Britain's former most influential Marxist neglects to mention is that Abbott knowingly invites such resentment with her routine scorn for our nation and its people.

Watch the clip below, for the full 36 minute click here.

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