Saturday 22 April 2023


If you are not by now aware of it, at 3pm on Sunday 23 April smart phones across the UK will sound a siren accompanied by an alert from the government, purportedly a test for an 'emergency alert system'.

Of course this has little to do with emergencies and everything to do with preparing you for a digital social credit system further down the line.  An unnamed government official reportedly stated earlier this month: "We do expect the use of the system to broaden out".  It's a bit like when they told us it was 'just three weeks to flatten the curve' and before we knew it they were forcing masks on children and mandating potentially fatal injections.  Tyranny does not happen overnight, but it is stirring once more all around us.  Think ULEZ, clean air zones, LTNs, electric cars and all the other schemes they are implementing in order to prevent you from moving freely.

An alert on your phone may sound like a minor intrusion, but it is part of a much bigger picture.

You can opt out of these alerts (for now) by blocking them in your phone settings.  You'll need to do this before 3pm on Sunday, alternatively you can switch off your phone for a few minutes.

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