Tuesday 3 October 2023


It will come as no great surprise that the Tory conference in Manchester has been met with hate and bile from the intolerant left.  Green fanatics, trans clowns and Remainiac Steve Bray (aka Drunk Steve from the Valleys) have all been in attendance (the latter deploying his usual tactic of screaming abuse at Tory members in the street).  However, it was the appearance of a bunch of black clad, masked indivudals carrying red flags that won the prize for most sinister stunt.

Click below for the video.

This video clip has drawn a lot of views on social media, due in no small part to the left-wing International Magazine.  It's interesting to note that while the magazine positions itself as an unapologetically communist outlet, the video does not show the banner carried at the head of the march.

This is the banner.

The viral tweet that carried the video declares: "Workers did not welcome the Conservative Party's annual conference in Manchester".  Leaving aside the fact that Manchester is Britain's third largest city and only a few dozen 'workers' decided to unanimously dress in black, don red masks and march under a communist banner - how many of these supposedly 'working class' activists are actually 'workers'?  Their chant "Victory to the working class" rings a little hollow if those chanting it are actually jobless layabouts living on benefits handed out by the same government they claim is suppressing them.

Of course this is just conjecture.  If they are true to their stated principles, they can simply unmask themselves and post selfies on the production line they don't work on.

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