Sunday 16 June 2024


A while back we wrote how delicious it would be if Jeremy Corbyn (and Diane Abbott) robbed Keir Starmer of a wafer thin majority by holding their seats as independents.  Since then, Abbott has been readmitted (for now) and Labour are set for a crushing majority anyway.  Surely then, the status of Islington North is a moot point for Starmer?  You'd think so, but Corbyn still lives rent free in the minds of the establishment.

Aghast at the thought of Corbyn retaining the seat he has held for Labour since 1983, one New Labour heavyweight descended on Islington North on Saturday to support the Labour candidate - a non-entity parachuted into the constituency.

Peter Mandelson in Islington North. Labour candidate Praful Nargund is
on his left

Peter Mandelson announced his campaign visit in an interview with Times Radio (see clip below), in which he denounced Corbyn's 'ideology' and declared: "I want to go out there personally and back the Labour candidate and do everything I can to make sure Corbyn is defeated".  Again, we're talking about one seat in what is set to be an electoral landslide for Labour.

The arrogance of the elite in thinking their presence could do anything but help Corbyn's campaign says it all.  The irony is lost on an arch Remainer like Mandelson when he blames Corbyn for Labour's 2019 election defeat.  Corbyn had been a critic of the EU, but was railroaded into anti-Brexit policy by people like Starmer and New Labour puppet masters like Blair, Campbell and Mandelson.  It was Labour's opposition to the Leave mandate that primarily decimated them at the 2019 election.

Mandelson's enthusiastic assessment of Starmer as a man with a 'moral compass' as opposed to Corbyn should come as no great surprise.  Like Mandelson, Starmer is a member of the globalist cult - unlike Corbyn, a man who espouses peace and has never embraced Davos.

Keir Starmer attended last year's WEF meeting in Davos and despatched soon-to-be Chancellor Rachel Reeves to this year's gathering.  Starmer will take us down the same net zero totalitarian path that Johnson and Sunak were set on, the only difference being that it will accelerate exponentially with Labour's super majority.  The next five years are going to make Blair's premiership look tame by comparison, even with a pathetic damp squib like Starmer at the helm.

Starmer at the WEF Davos gathering in 2023

Corbyn will retain his seat in Islington North and, even on a day of momentous achievement for his old party, it will hurt the establishment.  This is not to say we are in any way admirers of old Jezza - he is still a Marxist who despises Britain - but given a choice between him and any candidate backed by the like of seven times Bilderberg guest Mandelson - oh, Jeremy Corbyn all the way!

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