Tuesday 18 June 2024


With Labour's manifesto released, cartoonists have been lending their artistic critique.  Starmer's repetitive line about his father's profession is a feature in cartoons by Peter Brookes and Ben Jennings, while Dave Brown and Morten Morland focus on what is not in the manifesto.

This trio of toons show just how tricky it can be for artists to get Keir Starmer right...

Peter Brookes for The Times.  In the past Brookes has occasionally got him spot on, but there is
little consistency and this one appears to be a new iteration altogether
Ben Jennings for The Guardian.  Ben has a more consistent rendering of Starmer, albeit the large
forehead and shape of the face is reminiscent of a cartoon David Cameron
Dave Brown for The Independent.  While it's still clear who the subject matter is, what is
with the huge bulbous nose?
Morten Morland for The Sunday Times.  We like Morland's interpretation.  There is something
about the square edges, pointed nose and glowing cheeks that resonate

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