Wednesday 5 June 2024


Vaughan Gething has lost a no confidence vote at the Senedd, less than three months into his tenure as First Minister of Wales.  The motion passed 29-27, with two Labour Assembly Members absent through illness - one of whom being the minister Gething controversially sacked last month.  The Tory motion was passed with Plaid and Lib Dem support.  There were no abstentions.

Although the motion is non-binding and Gething has already indicated his intention to cling on, it will exponentially increase pressure on the scandal-hit leader.  Gething did himself no favours in the chamber during the debate, breaking down in tears as one of his colleagues spoke.  He then stood and gave a speech in which he tried to distract from his own corruption by attacking Westminster Tories.  This what-aboutery was followed by a desperate appeal to his former coalition partners Plaid Cymru not to take up sides with the dastardly Conservatives.  When the vote came, it was clear Plaid had ignored him.

Gething's desperation in the chamber - including those crocodile tears - will not have gone down well with Welsh voters, none of which have yet to cast a single ballot in favour of or against Gething's administration.  These were not the actions of a leader.

The First Minister also brazenly told the Senedd that he would 'not shy away' from ongoing questions about his dodgy donations from convict-businessman David Neal - this, despite his no show at a debate about this very topic only last month.  Gething is not only dishonest, he is shameless.

Awkward questions have also been raised about his WhatsApp messages from the period of the scamdemic, when he was health minister in Wales.  Gething has told the UK Covid Inquiry that all his WhatsApp messages were deleted during a 'security rebuild' in 2022.  During questioning he also threw his predecessor Mark Drakeford under the bus.  Drakeford had previously told the Senedd that he 'didn't use WhatApp' and yet Gething confirmed that he was in a WhatsApp group with none other than Mark Drakeford!

If Labour cannot be trusted in Wales, God help the rest of us when Starmer takes up residence in Downing Street next month...

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