Tuesday 2 August 2022


Neil Oliver was away last week, so conservative commentator Emily Carver stepped in to fill his GB News slot.  Her monologue was much shorter than what we're used to, but it didn't lack in impact.  Carver painted a dark picture of what might happen this winter when bills rise sharply again.  Thus far, there are few signs that the apathy of the British is at any risk at all, despite millions feeling the pinch already.  Emily lends her view on the solutions proposed by three potential leaders - Truss, Sunak and Starmer.

The key to fending off widespread poverty is undoubtedly linked to a break with the crazed net zero targets of the globalists and the left, a bandwagon that current PM Carrie Johnson happily nudged her husband onto.  "We have the resources under our feet, why aren't we digging them out?" asks Carver.  Indeed.

For Emily's full five minute piece to camera, click below.

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