Monday 15 August 2022


75 years ago the end of the British Raj triggered the independence of both India and Pakistan.  While some Labour politicians were largely silent about the former, many of them wallowed in the celebration of the latter.  Sadiq Khan tweeted or retweeted about Pakistan no less than ten times on Sunday.  No great surprise there really, but it was Starmer's tweet that was seen as a slap in the face for a generation of British girls.  "Britain's a far richer country for the contribution of the British Pakistani community" he crowed.  Thousands of victims of Pakistani grooming gangs up and down the country may beg to differ about their 'contribution'...

Needless to say, Starmer's tweet was not well received.  "How exactly has Britain grown richer from the Pakistani diaspora to the UK?" asked Mark Cropper, "I see people who remain separate, who reject British culture and adhere to the depraved morals of the Third World."  Alan Quinn wrote: "Rape gangs, hordes of thugs, honour killings in their own families, female genital mutilation, animal cruelty, Sharia law, disrespect for British laws, forcing cinemas to close, no women's rights?"

The Labour leader did not mention the independence of India on his Twitter timeline.

Starmer may be prepared to stand in front of a Union flag these days, but make no mistake - he and his party are no friends of Britain.

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