Monday 8 August 2022


"It may be warm outside, but there's a chilling red wind coming" warns Emily Carver as she stands in for Neil Oliver again.  And the red sails of communism are coming down the track thanks to our very own fake conservative party.  The crazed socialist policies of lockdowns and handouts have led us directly into recession and into the arms of the baying left, who naturally argue that capitalism is to blame!  Never forget that we are where are, not just because of Johnson, but because he was so eagerly supported by his opposite number Sir Squeaky at every turn.  Starmer is as much to blame as Johnson, but the Tories will carry the can because they were at the helm of the ship.

One can argue that Starmer backed Covid measures because they smacked of the nanny state that Labour embrace.  Or, insidiously, he knew they would destroy everything and make him Prime Minister at the next election.  Either way, he is complicit.

Click below for Emily's five minute monologue.

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