Friday 22 July 2022


Four by-elections this week, all triggered by the deaths of the incumbents.  None of the seats changed hands, albeit there were three very close fought battles in Lancaster, Staffordshire and Warwickshire.  In Lancaster, Labour held off a Lib Dem surge by 76 votes.  The Lib Dems were aided by the absence of both independent and Green candidates.

The Greens were also absent in North Warwickshire, which helped Labour close the gap on the Conservatives to just 44 votes.  In South Staffordshire, the Tories were defending a seat they had previously won unopposed.  This time they were up against candidates from Labour and the Lib Dems.  It was the latter who surged into second, finishing just ten votes behind the victorious Tory candidate.

In the other contest, an independent group in Basildon successfully defended the Nethermayne seat with ease.  This by-election saw a rare electoral outing for Reform UK, who finished last.

Nethermayne, Basildon Borough Council

Ind: 909 (62.7%) -10.4%
Con: 233 (16.1%) +8.9%
Lab: 169 (11.7%) -0.2%
LDem: 102 (7.0%) +3.8%
RefUK: 37 (2.6%) New


Harbour, Lancaster City Council

Lab: 555 (47.9%) +3.8%
LDem: 479 (41.4%) New
Con: 124 (10.7%) -1.6%


Hartshill, North Warwickshire Borough Council

Con: 351 (53.3%) +4.7%
Lab: 307 (46.7%) +11.9%


Penkridge North East & Acton Trussell, South Staffordshire District Council

(Con elected unopposed in 2019)

Con: 388 (47.8%)
LDem: 378 (46.6%)
Lab: 45 (5.5%)


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