Saturday 23 July 2022


Barry Sheerman is no spring chicken, that's for sure.  81 years of age, he is Labour's longest continuously serving MP, elected for Huddersfield East in 1979.  Like most MPs, Barry has a Twitter page, from which he often appears to tweet before putting his brain in gear.  That is assuming Barry still has a brain.

In his latest daft tweet Barry took aim at the Tory leadership contest.

It didn't take long for Twitter users to raise the spectre of Gordon Brown.  In 2007 - midway through the parliament, as we are now - Tony Blair resigned.  However, unlike the current Tory leadership contest - in which two candidates will face a members' vote - Blair's successor was appointed unopposed.  Gordon Brown did not even face a members' vote.

Twitter user Rob Gudgeon noted: "Did you complain similarly when Gordon Brown was slotted into No.10?  If not, perhaps you should keep quiet now?"

James Declearagh wrote: "Our Barry of course also demanded on a regular basis that Gordon Brown call an election in the weeks and months following his ascension to PM!  He did, didn’t he?"

No, of course he didn't.

This was such an obvious own goal from Barry, one wonders if he is suffering from memory loss or just plain stupidity.  Given some of his previous tweets, the latter is strongly suspected.  In March he tweeted that Britain should put boots on the ground in Ukraine, bringing our country into direct conflict with Russia.  In August 2020 he made two blatantly anti-Semitic tweets for which he later had to issue multiple apologies.

We'll leave the last word to Barry's former leader, who sums up Mr Sheerman by way of a hand gesture...

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