Wednesday 23 March 2022


Labour's Barry Sheerman has surpassed his colleagues in warmongering zealotry by calling for direct armed conflict with Russia.  In an outrageous tweet on Tuesday evening he called for British troops on the ground in Ukraine.

Such a move could potentially lead to a third world war and nuclear apocalypse - the primary reason that NATO does not engage Russia directly.  Are Barry's Huddersfield constituents OK with their MP spouting this stuff?  After-all, in the event of a nuclear war they all would be killed.  The map below ably demonstrates what would happen to the north of England if nuclear warheads struck the cities of Manchester, Leeds and Hull.  Huddersfield is situated between Manchester and Leeds, but an attack on Leeds alone would likely reduce the town to ash and incinerate all its residents.

Even if an Anglo-Russian confrontation did not result in nuclear war, many British troops would perish in the face of a far greater force.  Would Barry be happy to send his own son to Kiev to face off against Russian tanks, artillery and air strikes?

Sheerman's eagerness to sacrifice our lads for another far-off conflict should come as no surprise.  He has repeatedly backed British military involvement overseas during his 43 years as an MP - including voting for the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

We must not allow warmongers like Barry to spin the narrative towards something that could end life on earth.  The war in Ukraine is abhorrent, as are all the other wars currently raging across the planet that the media (and politicians like Barry) continue to ignore.  None of these conflicts are worth nuclear apocalypse.

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