Tuesday 29 March 2022


Keir Starmer got himself in a terrible muddle on Monday when he was asked by LBC's Nick Ferrari if a woman could have a penis.  The Labour leader stuttered and stalled to the extent that Ferrari asked if he had 'offended' Starmer with such a question.

Click below for the toe-curling clip.

This isn't the first time that Starmer has bizarrely refused to accept human biology and it undoubtedly won't be the last.  Across the West progressive and left-wing leaders are not only dispensing with feminism, but women themselves.  It is as absurd as it sounds and one has to question why these people are so keen to alienate half the population in order to placate a tiny minority of people.

When he attacks 'intolerance' in the trans debate, we can safely assume Starmer is taking aim at the vast majority of people who accept human beings are born either male or female.  In reality, the overwhelming level of intolerance comes from the trans lobby and the far left.  Just ask JK Rowling, Sharron Davies, Dr Robert Winston or anyone else who dares to question the trans narrative.  Last week Irish comedy writer Graham Linehan broke down in a BBC interview when discussing the hate campaign directed against him after he defended sex-based rights.

Click below for that very enlightening interview, bearing in mind that the interviewer Stephen Nolan represents an organisation (the BBC) that actively promotes the trans narrative.  Note also Nolan's revelations towards the end of the interview, when he says there are female BBC staff who are afraid to voice an opinion about the issue...

The left cannot and must not be allowed to cancel women - or men for that matter.  Gender is real, the left are deranged.

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