Wednesday 2 March 2022


The self-obsessed member for Walthamstow shows no signs of ceasing her persistent baby parade.  Now unable to show off her surgically attached offspring on the floor of the Commons, Stella Creasy posted a selfie from the back of a car as she left Parliament in the early hours of Tuesday.

Stella managed to generate a fair amount of publicity in November when she was told she could no longer bring her baby into the Commons chamber.  She's not likely to attract too much attention with this tweet, what with the media focused solely on Ukraine, but she did manage to rile up many on Twitter.

Hartley-Brewer triggered Stella into revealing details about the mysterious father.  Apparently he is 'away with the army', something she has not previously broadcast.  In revealing this titbit Creasy bizarrely suggested Hartley-Brewer 'hates the armed forces'.

It was later revealed on Tuesday that MPs' pay will soon increase by more than two thousand pounds (while the rest of us struggle to heat our homes).  Creasy will be even wealthier, but will undoubtedly opt to strap her child to her bosom and continue this bizarre narcissistic show.

Change the record Stella.

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