Tuesday 22 March 2022


A week ago we neglected to commemorate the death of Karl Marx.  We have a perfect meme for the event, but have thus far not used it.  We are not in the habit of celebrating death, as this trait is more commonly associated with the hate-filled left.  However, there are a handful of historical passings that are fair game.  Marx is one, after-all his ideology is still oppressing and killing people to this day - 174 years after he and Friedrich Engels published their communist manifesto.

Another is Martin McGuinness, a convicted IRA terrorist with a list of convictions longer than George Floyd's rap sheet.  While it's impossible to deny his role in bringing peace, many of us can never forget his very senior role in an organisation that was responsible for the murder and maiming of thousands of British soldiers, police officers and civilians.

On Monday we incorporated the spirit of the Marx meme into a McGuinness version.  It goes without saying that we encountered no problems posting it on free speech networks Gab and GETTR, but within two hours of posting on Facebook it was removed.  We both received the following censorship message.

Quite how we can 'harass' or 'bully' a dead terrorist is anyone's guess, but we take note that the Facebook censors for the UK are based in the Irish Republic.  Karl appealed the decision, but at the time of writing it appears that Facebook's sympathies are with the IRA.

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