Tuesday 8 March 2022


When Canadian tyrant Justin Trudeau landed in Britain earlier this week he emerged from his plane wearing a black face mask.  He descended the steps and was greeted by embassy staff, all of whom were also wearing face masks.  This charade all took place outside in the open air.

On Monday evening Keir Starmer tweeted a photograph of himself meeting indoors with Trudeau earlier in the day.  Both were wearing matching black face masks (see photo below).

Trudeau also met with Queen Elizabeth on Monday, but strangely now all the mask theatre had been dropped.  While Her Majesty has just had a bout of Covid and her natural immunity is tip top, the sight of the now bare-faced Trudeau up close and personal with a 95-year-old woman was at complete odds with his previous mask antics.

The double standards did not stop there.  On Monday the Parliamentary Labour Party welcomed Paulette Hamilton to the Commons - their newest addition and already highly controversial figure.  A big photo call was arranged and dozens of MPs gathered around Hamilton, including Starmer himself.  Despite Hamilton's despicable comments unearthed by GB News last week, she was enthusiastically surrounded by frontbenchers like Rachel Reeves, Ed Miliband and Dave Lammy, in addition to a horde of backbenchers including Corbynistas such as Diane Abbott and Nadia Whittome, as well as Tory turncoat Christian Wakeford.

Were any of them wearing masks?  Two of them, but alas Starmer was not one of them.

Face masks never prevented Covid infection - a fact we were told at the start of the pandemic by the likes of Whitty, Vallance and TV shill Dr Hilary.  That advice would turn on its head when it was realised that face masks could be used as a means to maintain fear and control.  If wearing a face mask served any practical medical purpose our politicians would not pick and choose when to pop them on.

Two years on - with the virus having mutated into nothing worse than a cold - those who continue to wear them are performing nothing but a circus act.  These Covid enthusiasts spent much of 2020 and 2021 sneering at people who opted out of the scam, well now we should point and laugh at them for their theatrical idiocy.

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