Wednesday 9 March 2022


Trudeau and Johnson play rock, paper, scissors

Remember the thousands of screaming left-wing protesters during the UK visits of President Trump?  The huge media coverage and outraged celebrities?  The massive petition?  The parliamentary debate on banning him and the hand wringing of Labour MPs such as Chris Bryant?  The war of words with Sadiq Khan?  The daft Trump balloon?

What exactly was it that Trump had done to spark such a reaction?  He had not declared war on a foreign state.  He was not engaged in an assault on US democracy.

Compare and contrast with this week's visit to the UK by an actual North American tyrant - Justin Trudeau.  Here is a man who has terrorised his own people for two years, culminating in a despicable attack on hard working Canadians who dared to protest against his ongoing discriminatory mandates.  Thanks to his handlers at the World Economic Forum, Trudeau has transformed Canada into a neo-fascist state where ordinary citizens can have their assets frozen, jobs destroyed and even their pets seized and exterminated if they so much as voice support for anti-government protesters.  This is a disturbing situation that is ongoing and yet the entire Western world has turned a blind eye.

Instead of being shunned upon his visit, Trudeau was entertained by Boris Johnson, Keir Starmer and Her Majesty the Queen.  He was even given the opportunity to inspect our Armed Forces.

It is absolutely despicable, but in the world of Covid tyranny comes as no surprise at all.  Ironically the visit was intended to discuss further action against President Putin, a man who has been condemned the world over while there has been barely a murmur about Trudeau.

While there were no media or political outcry against Trudeau's visit - nor swathes of protesters to greet him - there was a noisy picket of Downing Street that forced the Canadian PM to use the back entrance.  The embarrassment evoked memories of Trudeau's swift exit from Ottawa as the freedom truckers rolled into town.  His temporary relocation to a 'safe house' (Klaus Schwab's bunker?) was spent plotting the downfall of those truckers using unprecedented emergency powers that he said were 'temporary'.

Those powers have since been extended, quelle surprise...

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