Wednesday 16 March 2022


We know many MPs are all too keen to expand their already considerable wealth by taking on second, even third jobs.  We know some like to grab the headlines for their own narcissistic self-indulgence and in order to capitalise on their fame later on.  One such MP is Dawn Butler.

Last year Dawn was still riding high on the publicity afforded her following a police stop in which she was the passenger.  With the BLM uprising still ravaging America, Dawn filmed the encounter and exploited it to the hilt.  The following summer she became the first sitting MP to join Cameo, a website where visitors pay 'celebrities' in order to receive a personalised video message.

Dawn's cringeworthy introductory video can be seen below, in which she definitely appears to be in the driving seat (this time).  Note the 'serious MP' description...

Dawn is said to have charged £30 a pop for a video, a snip compared to the £83 charged by ex-speaker John Bercow and the hundreds of pounds charged by the likes of Robbie Coltrane and rock legend Alice Cooper.  Unfortunately it seems, Dawn was not a popular destination for users of Cameo.

Butler has now deleted her profile after garnering little interest.  Despite offering a service in which 'fans' could unlock 'more content', according to the Guido Fawkes blog she reportedly had only six fans at the time her profile disappeared.  This was accompanied by just one review - a five star review that could in all possibility have been left by Dawn herself.  Sad.

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  1. If she is that desperate for money maybe she could try OnlyFans next