Saturday 19 March 2022


Earlier this week we ran a meme on our social media accounts that pretty much summed up the disastrous approach that the left would take in relation to refugees 'fleeing Ukraine'.  It was perhaps a little tongue in cheek, but we remember only too well those 'child refugees' from 2015 who were quite clearly blokes in their 20s and even 30s.  Could it be that far fetched that African and Arab migrants might now be represented as Ukrainian refugees?

The answer was provided in a photo published on the DonegalLive website.  The town of Bundoran - with a population of less than 2,000 - had reportedly received around 60 refugees from Ukraine.  These were mostly women and children according to the news report, but there were a 'small number of men'.  The report carries two photos, each featuring local Sinn Fein councillor Michael McMahon posing with the 'refugees'.

The first shows him greeting three women and a child.  The second shows him with a 'Ukrainian family'.  The latter photo can be seen below.

Remember that Ukraine is not like the nations of western Europe, whose populations have been diluted by decades of mass immigration.  Ukraine is still overwhelmingly European.

Just like we called out those 37-year-old 'children' we will not fall for this latest migrant bullshit either.

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  1. There are a lot of "students" in Ukraine and there have been reports of them being held back from leaving by racist Ukrainians.
    So as usual Britain takes up the mantle of saving the vulnerable.
    They are not Ukrainians and Britain has fell for it hook line and sinker. Again.