Monday 28 March 2022


"These are difficult times, made more difficult by the manufactured fear and lies we are fed around the clock".  In his latest piece, Neil Oliver lambasts world leaders for their behaviour over the last two years, not least the colossal exchange of wealth and the diabolical consequences for the rest of us.  He also attacks the absurdity of the trans narrative, which seeks to erase women and consign feminism to the history books.  He mocks political leaders who cannot even bring themselves to define a female: "How's this for starters, if you're a living human being you were grown inside a woman".

This is one of his best monologues yet and covers large swathes of the Great Reset - including Covid, war, hunger and digital currency.

In order to publish this monologue on YouTube, GB News had to include links in the description to the NHS and WHO about Covid and vaccines.  Perhaps one day, as Neil says, the truth will set us free.  

Just don't hold your breath.

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