Monday 25 July 2022


"When the world is remade, it won't be for us, the many.  It will be for the few."  People on the left like Jeremy Corbyn would argue that is already the case, but right now the masses are still exercising diminishing freedoms that will soon be extinguished by the few - those globalists at whom Neil Oliver takes a giant swipe at in his latest searing monologue.

Neil asks the questions of Bill Gates that the rest of the media would not dare.  Why is it that a man who is not a farmer is buying up hundreds of thousands of square acres of US farmland?  It is undoubtedly the same reason that the Dutch government is currently trying to put as many of its farmers out of business as possible.  It's a globalist land grab.

Ever the historian, Neil makes a connection with what is happening now by delving into the past.  The Soviets did the same thing - and it resulted in famine.  It will be no different now, except that our overlords intend to humiliate those who survive by feeding us bugs and artificial meat.  As we've said before - those who are doing this will continue to dine on the finest steak and salmon, while we eat crickets and plant-based goop.

Click below for Neil Oliver's monologue in full.

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