Sunday 17 July 2022


The Tory leadership election comes under the spotlight in Neil's latest monologue.  He likens it to a TV soap or a pantomime, except none of the performers appear to be any good and they all follow a similar script.  Where is the candidate who will admit that the lockdowns, Covid passes and vaccines failed to prevent anything?  Where is the candidate who will speak out against net zero and Agenda 2030?  Where is the candidate who will admit that hot weather is symptomatic of summer - not climate change?

The sad truth is that at least four of the five candidates are already strongly tainted by the globalist agenda.  Sunak and Truss have strong links to Davos and the World Economic Forum.  Mordaunt is friends with Bill Gates and Tugendhat has been invited to the last two Bilderberg gatherings.

"Governments exist to do what we tell them, not the other way around", Neil muses as his final thought.  The likelihood is that the result of this election will merely deliver more of the nanny state that Johnson subjected us to.  The Conservative party is no longer conservative.

Click below for the full nine minutes.

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