Monday 18 July 2022


Angela Rayner has followed in the footsteps of her colleagues Dave Lammy, Rachel Reeves and Wes Streeting by presenting a radio show on LBC.  One of the callers was a trans individual who complained that trans people were being 'used as a political football' by Tory leadership candidates.  There followed a political broadcast by Rayner as she bent over backwards to present Labour's trans credentials, albeit she didn't comment on the caller's criticism of her Labour colleagues Rosie Duffield and Rachel Reeves, who the nut-job described as 'transphobic'.

"Transgender women's rights are women's rights" declared Rayner with a straight face.  Click below for the clip.

During her show Angela failed to explain why she had taken on a second job given her previous opposition to MPs taking on additional work.  Here's a tweet from 2015 before she was elected to Parliament.

That tweet appears to have since been deleted.  More recently she tweeted the following.

When she discussed Labour's proposed ban on second jobs in a BBC interview she used the case of her colleague, NHS doctor Rosena Allin-Khan, as an example of such an exemption.  Education was another exemption, but alas the role of radio host was not on the list.

Just like her comrades Lammy, Reeves and Streeting, Rayner is hereby found guilty of rank hypocrisy.

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