Thursday 7 July 2022


Tony Blair's right hand man flunked out of a TV debate last night after being challenged about 'truth in politics'.  Appearing on Piers Morgan's Talk TV show, Alastair Campbell was involved in a fiery exchange with conservative author and commentator Douglas Murray.  Murray took umbrage with Campbell's criticism of the PM, in particular his much spouted views about Boris Johnson's 'moral compass'.  After the bickering pair were finally brought back under control, Murray delivered this damning verdict: "Most people remember Alastair Campbell's career, most people recognise him as being more responsible than anyone in our lifetimes for degrading the idea of truth in politics.  Most people in Britain want to hear Alastair Campbell talking about truth about as much as they want to hear Jeffrey Epstein about the age of consent.  The idea that Alastair Campbell is any kind of expert on truth or decency is absolutely laughable."

Campbell was furious and again tried to talk over Murray.  In responding, Campbell labelled Murray a 'right-wing non-entity' to which his opponent broke into laughter.  Murray then repeatedly taunted Campbell about Dr David Kelly.  On the third mention of Kelly's name, Campbell decided to cut and run, claiming that he had been misled about Murray's presence.  Murray continued to mock him as he hung up, beaming with a wide grin.

Click below for the clip (WARNING: Clip also contains Piers Morgan).

Staunch Remainer Campbell has had it in for Boris Johnson since the EU referendum and has ramped up his anti-Boris rhetoric since he became PM.  On Thursday morning he was again ripping into Johnson on his Twitter profile, accusing him of 'trashing and debasing the highest office in the land'.

As Douglas Murray quite rightly points out - that's a bit rich coming from a war mongerer like Campbell.

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