Sunday 17 July 2022


Last week we received an email from Twitter informing us that BTLP was to be sanctioned for 'violating Twitter rules'.  This was the first ever such message from Twitter.  The email declared that our account had been 'locked' because we had 'spread misleading and potentially harmful information relating to Covid-19'.  The 'crime' in question was a tweet by Richey in response to a user who had claimed that people not wearing masks and getting jabs were 'lengthening this shit', by which he meant the pandemic.  Richey merely pointed out that many people were suffering devastating and often fatal side effects from the Covid vaccines, something which can be demonstrably proven.  Twitter deleted the tweet.

However, despite the warning that our account had been 'locked', both of us had no issues accessing it.  In fact, following a prolific week from Richey and some excellent memes by Karl, we have gained around fifty followers in the days following the supposed ban.

Obviously there will be more such messages to come and we would hastily urge people to join free speech networks Gab and GETTR.  The truth about lockdowns and vaccine injuries must be told!

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