Wednesday 27 July 2022


Labour backbencher Stella Creasy has captured the limelight once again with a stomach-churning tweet.  On Monday evening she posted a series of pictures to her Twitter account appearing to show her toddler being exposed to a 'drag queen'.  This was during a 'drag queen story hour' that took place in her Walthamstow constituency.  Such practices are inspired by similar events that have taken place in the US over the last few years.  Fellow Labour MP Nadia Whittome responded: "This is so wholesome".

So there we have it - exposing young children to such depravity is considered by the left to be 'wholesome'.

Of course this should come as no great surprise to anyone who follows the West's descent into debauchery.  On Friday the Stonewall organisation tweeted an article by the Metro in which an anonymous correspondent writes about her four-year-old daughter - who apparently insists that she's a boy.  The author eventually explains that she is a 'trans man' and complains that the nursery school to which she sends her child does not respect her daughter's self-identity and that trans ideology should be taught in 'every school'.  It's surely no coincidence that the daughter of a 'trans man' also insists that she is a male.

This is what we call grooming.

Stonewall not only agreed with this anonymous individual, but they referred to 'research' that suggested two-year-olds can 'recognise their trans identity'.  Hmm.  At two years of age toddlers are still learning to speak and learn not to shit in their pants, but here is a taxpayer-funded organisation claiming that they can embrace gender-bending ideology.

Why does Stonewall want to teach toddlers about trans ideology?

This is what's called grooming.

According to a freedom of information request obtained by the Taxpayers' Alliance last year, Stonewall is funded to the tune of over one million pounds each year by 327 public bodies - including the UK Foreign Office, the governments of Scotland and Wales, the National Lottery, Comic Relief, 86 universities and 58 health service organisations.

Surely now this organisation must be defunded?  To do otherwise can only be an expression of support for its twisted aims.

Perhaps Liz Truss can be pushed about her department's funding of Stonewall at forthcoming leadership hustings?  As for Stella Creasy, Whittome, Starmer and co, we know where their bread is buttered, but how will their Muslim constituents feel about this direction of travel?

If there is anything remotely positive about Creasy's tweet, it is the absence of other children in the photos.  Would it be too much to hope that she was alone in dragging her toddler to this event?  The event was advertised by the William Morris Gallery as a 'family event' with free admittance.  They have not published any further details about it since it took place.  Please note that the Twitter account tagged by Stella Creasy in her tweet is not the Twitter account of the William Morris Gallery, but an independent black artist based in Pittsburgh.  This is an error on her part, the real William Morris account can be found here.

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