Monday 11 July 2022


Neil tackles the Tory leadership contest in his latest monologue, declaring that the downfall of Boris Johnson had more to do with the mass media than any democratic act.  The disgraceful reactions from Tory bigwig Remainers such as Major and Heseltine only reinforced the establishment's clear disdain for democracy.  And not surprisingly, many of the Tory ministers who sought to jettison Johnson are now standing to replace him.  They all stood behind disastrous pandemic policies and for that reason our libertarian hero rates none of them.  They present nothing more than the 'change of drivers on a train', says Oliver.  And that train is heading towards a net zero, bug eating, travel nowhere, own nothing, social credited dystopian future.

Opposition to the Great Reset forms the second half of Neil's monologue.  As he says, if recent events in the Netherlands, Italy, Sri Lanka, Albania and elsewhere are anything to go by, people are not exactly happy to have their livelihoods and property stripped away.  Klaus Schwab's 'fourth industrial revolution' is clearly not going to be universally embraced - to say the least!

Click below for the full video.

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