Sunday 18 September 2022


Jeremy Corbyn joined BLM protesters as they hit the streets of London for a second consecutive weekend, ostensibly in relation to the fatal shooting of a black man in Streatham by armed police.  Far left agitators are hoping to whip up crowds to the point of violence.  We know from 2011 and 2020 what the direction of travel is with these demonstrations.

For now they are peaceful, but the motivation is clear for all to see.  Corbyn addressed the crowd, as his comrade Bell Ribeiro-Addy had done a week earlier, while standing alongside a girl wearing a 'defund the police' t-shirt.  Of course, by 'defund' they mean abolish.  If there were no police there would be anarchy on the streets, paving the way for their Marxist revolution.

Corbyn tweeted a picture of himself with raised fist and the hashtag #JusticeForChrisKaba.  The truth is that the left don't really give a shit about Chris Kaba, he is just the next George Floyd to exploit for their own political ends.  If they truly cared about black people dying violently they would be marching every week to oppose black-on-black violence.

Did the protesters spare a thought for the two police officers stabbed in London the night before their latest demo?  Don't blue lives matter?

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