Monday 5 September 2022


August was dominated by the never-ending Tory leadership contest, with just those two politicians being the only MPs who were not on holiday.  The government was AWOL as Brits reeled from the news that energy bills would surge by 80 per cent on October 1.  In other toon action were the warmongering Democrats on a mission to poke the Chinese dragon and the Federal Stasi Bureau of Investigation raiding Mar-a-Lago - while the Clintons, Epstein's clients and Hunter 'crack-pipe' Biden remained unhindered.  

Also featured: the inflation-raising Inflation Reduction Act, bugs for tea, Afghan women, Satanic Verses, the climate scam, a drone strike, the leader of no opposition, the last leader of the USSR, inflation, inflation and more inflation...

Watch below or on YouTube.

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