Thursday 22 September 2022


The disgraced member for Leicester East has been embarrassing herself yet again.  Claudia Webbe's response to ongoing disturbances in Leicester have led to ridicule as she holds up the city as a harmonious shining example of multiculturalism - at a time in which it is tearing itself apart.

In the last few days Claudia has been busying herself on Twitter, repeating the laughable adage 'diversity is strength'.  She even suggested that 'right-wing fascism' was partly to blame for the violence, although some supporters have suggested that she was referring to Hindu nationalists.  But, as comedian Leo Kearse pointed out: "I'm pretty sure Claudia wasn't referring to that, because she's really thick".  That's not in any doubt.  Webbe later tweeted several screenshots that includes Kearse's response, labelling them examples of 'everyday racism, misogyny and abuse'.

In a letter to the acting chief constable of Leicestershire Police, Claudia also quoted constituents who blamed 'underlying Islamophobia' for the clashes.  One things is for sure, neither Webbe or her former comrades in the Labour Party will ever blame decades of mass immigration for importing the ethno-religious tribal politics of the Indian subcontinent for what is happening in UK cities such as Leicester and Birmingham.

Claudia Webbe was expelled from Labour in November 2021 following her harassment conviction, although she remains a member of the Socialist Campaign Group.

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