Friday 16 September 2022


The BLM placards are out again on the streets of London.  Hundreds of protesters marched on Scotland Yard following the fatal shooting of a black rapper by police in Streatham.  This protest was peaceful, but that's how it started two years ago - before descending into running battles with police and widespread vandalism of British historical monuments.  The Marxists who sponsor these protests do not have peace in their hearts.  Some of the protesters concealed their faces and others wore paramilitary style clothing, including what appeared to be stab-proof vests.

Two members of Labour's Socialist Campaign Group were also in attendance on Saturday - Diane Abbott and Bell Ribeiro-Addy.  A third, Zarah Sultana, later tweeted that she had attended a vigil in honour of the dead man.  Ribeiro-Addy addressed the crowd during the protest and has been particularly vocal following the incident.  On Wednesday she wrote an article for the Independent.

It is a rare thing for someone to be shot by armed police in this country.  A black civilian is far more likely to be shot by another black civilian, but the left rarely concern themselves with such an epidemic of crime.  It does not present them with an opportunity to pedal division and provoke a fiery reaction.

It is eleven years since the riots which followed another police shooting in London, that of Mark Duggan.  That situation escalated very quickly and would lead to five deaths, hundreds of injuries and widespread destruction of property.  More protests are planned in relation to the Chris Kaba death and who knows where they will lead.  The left want a British George Floyd, but as always the truth is not as straightforward as they paint it.

The Audi which Kaba was driving on the night in question reportedly did not belong to him.  However, the vehicle had been linked to a recent shooting and that is why it was pursued.  Mr Kaba failed to stop and eventually the police had to ram the vehicle.  A witness later told the Evening Standard that even after the vehicle was brought to a halt and boxed in by police cars, the driver refused to co-operate: "He was trying to ram his way out and could have easily killed a policeman.  He was using his car as a weapon."  The witness says armed police ordered the occupant to exit the vehicle 'at least a dozen times' before a single gun shot was discharged into the windscreen.

Mr Kaba was struck and later died of his injuries.  He was unarmed.

The truth will out eventually, but patience is thin on the ground and the left are ratcheting up tensions.  The 2011 riots occurred at the height of summer, but with cold nights drawing in hopefully time is running out for a repeat.

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