Thursday 29 September 2022


Owen Jones has been ridiculed on Twitter after sharing a video in which he speaks to Labour MP Jess Phillips at the party conference.  Having shared the video himself, the wee lad appears to be quite proud of his 'gotcha' interview.  Unfortunately for Owen, the general consensus is that it is actually loudmouth Jess who gets the upper hand and shows him up for the buffoon that he is.  The full video can be seen below, including the cringeworthy moment that Little Owen laughs like a little girl when Phillips says that even Chuka Umunna is left-wing.

Watch to the end for Phillips' brutal departing dig...

Jess is not the sharpest political tool in the box.  The fact that she can go toe-to-toe with this left-wing legend (in his own mind) speaks volumes for the depths of Owen's intellect.

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