Thursday 1 September 2022


Labour frontbencher Nick Thomas-Symonds is the latest MP to draw howls of hypocrisy over secondary income.  Despite Labour's policy on banning second jobs - with 'limited exemptions for public service' - Thomas-Symonds has proudly unveiled a biography he's written about Harold Wilson.  

Not only has Thomas-Symonds since embarked on a busy media tour to promote his book, his party leader heaped further mockery on his own second jobs policy by providing a quote for the front cover of the book!  Thomas-Symonds even thanked Starmer for the quote in a tweet.  However, the quote is strangely absent from published versions of the book and only appears on the promo copies unveiled by the author in the above photograph.

Nick has used various radio appearances to promote the book including Radio 4Times Radio, Talk Radio Europe and he'll also be pushing it at the Gloucester History Festival in September.  He has already received more than £4,000 as an advance from his literary agent.

Thomas-Symonds was elected for the Torfaen constituency in 2015 and has held various front bench roles in both the Corbyn and Starmer shadow cabinets.  He was appointed to his most senior position when Starmer was elected Labour leader in 2020, holding down the role of shadow home secretary for 18 months before being demoted to shadow international trade secretary.

The Wilson biography is the third he's written, albeit the first published during his time as an MP.  His previous biographies were also about Labour politicians (Clement Attlee and Aneurin Bevan).

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