Monday 26 September 2022


This week Neil critiques the bullying tactics of the establishment, led by its attack dogs in the mainstream media.  Whether you raise questions about mass immigration and grooming gangs (you're a racist), climate change (you're a denier), Covid vaccines (you're an anti-vaxxer) or Ukraine (you're a Putin supporter) - there is always a label in place to whip up the masses, ridicule dissent and maintain the narrative.

Neil explores the dangerous realities behind the fairytale myths of 'multi-culturalism'.  He talks Sweden, its migrant ghettos and mass bombings.  But again, those who question the insane migration policies of Europe and the US are shouted down as 'racists' by a woke establishment who will never experience first-hand the results of the demographic disaster they have imposed on the rest of us.

Neil experiences an autocue meltdown early on in this latest monologue, proving that he is only human.  Click below to watch his full ten minute piece to camera.

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