Friday 9 September 2022


Five council seats up for grabs this week and another terrible outing for the Tories.  There was no Truss bounce as the Conservatives lost all four of the seats they were defending.

On West Sussex County Council the Tories lost to an independent who came from nowhere to take the seat, arguably aided by the absence of the Lib Dems and Greens.  In Arun (also West Sussex) the Green Party was victorious, undoubtedly aided by the absence of the Lib Dems.  The Tories also lost to the Greens in Lancaster, although there were no 'progressive alliance' absenteeism here - they were crushed despite the addition of a Lib Dem candidate.

The Tories also lost a seat to Labour in Cannock Chase (Staffordshire), finishing an embarrassing third - no 'progressive alliance' absentees here either.

The other contest was in Hartlepool where Labour won a seat vacated by an independent.  There were three absentees from this contest - Veterans and People's Party, Reform UK and For Britain.

Barnham, Arun District Council

Grn: 786 (50.9%) +19.0%
Con: 641 (41.5%) +11.5%
Lab: 116 (7.5%) -8.0%

Grn GAIN from Con

Hednesford North, Cannock Chase District Council

Lab: 290 (38.1%) +4.8%
Ind: 228 (30.0%) +2.6%
Con: 208 (27.3%) -12.0%
Ind: 35 (4.6%) New

Lab GAIN from Con

Foggy Furze, Hartlepool Borough Council

Lab: 443 (43.9%) +24.1%
Con: 391 (38.8%) +9.0%
Ind: 126 (12.5%) -17.7%
LDem: 49 (4.9%) New

Lab GAIN from Ind

Warton, Lancaster City Council

Grn: 452 (65.7%) +32.8%
Con: 169 (24.6%) -22.7%
Lab: 44 (6.4%) -13.5%
LDem: 23 (3.3%) New

Grn GAIN from Con

Felpham, West Sussex County Council

Ind: 803 (43.4%) New
Con: 733 (39.6%) -12.8%
Lab: 217 (11.7%) +3.5%
Ind: 99 (5.3%) -14.8%

Ind GAIN from Con

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