Wednesday 14 July 2021


Not more of the same! Has GB News gone woke already?

Those were the sentiments of many viewers as stand-in presenter Guto Harri took the knee live on air yesterday.  You can watch the cringeworthy moment below, but what people need to realise is that prior to GB News, Harri was a BBC journalist for 18 years.  That says a lot, but he is not merely a rabid left-wing establishment reporter.  Harri also worked for Boris Johnson when he was mayor of London and the pair remain 'friends'.

His assertion that "we should all take the knee" will not sit well with his old pal or Tory voters.  It certainly did not go down well with GB News viewers, either.  This cult has got to stop, but as long as the media, big tech, sports stars and their sponsors keep pushing it, there is no end in sight.