Wednesday 21 July 2021


Lewes CLP in East Sussex has gone full-on woke by allowing young local lefties to turn the front of their office into a shrine to left-wing ideals.  The end result is something that looks like a dumping ground for homemade Extinction Rebellion placards (see below).

According to the Sussex Express, the cardboard display was put together by 16-year-old Niamh Gearey and her friends.  Gearey told the Express: "We hoped to create slogans that sum up the way that we feel - marginalised, unrepresented and left out of political decisions, too young to vote".

Slogans on display include Corbyn's 'for the many', 'refugees welcome', 'climate revolution' and anti-British slogan 'we are Europeans' which is written both in English and Polish - 'jesteśmy Europejczykami'.  There are also a couple of BLM fists - one of which is accompanied by the message 'not just a trend' - a feminist symbol and the obligatory LGBT flag.

Despite the display being dubbed a 'generation z takeover', there are two song references dating back to the 1970s.  The big slogan on the right hand side - 'no future in England's dreaming' - is a lyric from the Sex Pistols' anti-monarchist God Save The Queen.  There is also a crudely drawn black Union flag which has 'one nation under a groove' written below it, a reference to a song of the same name by Funkadelic.